Camp Echo

June 26th
Greetings Camp Menzies Parents!
We have had a busy couple of days at camp. Yosemite Institute and Beyond, Mountains to the Sea and Picture This have all headed out of camp on their trips. Yesterday we had an all camp counselor hunt and all of the groups in camp had an overnight in the meadow. Many of the groups enjoyed canoeing and swimming today in the warm afternoon. Trail Signs went on a long hike in Calaveras Big Trees State Park and the CIT’s helped out cleaning in the kitchen after dinner and also wrote a mission statement for them. Here are some reports from yesterday’s Ramona’s Reporters:
6-24-09-Sleepy Hollow-Under Construction
This morning we woke up and got ready for breakfast. After breakfast we rode horses and played games in the meadow. Then we played karaoke in archery with the Mountains to the Sea group. Last we came back to Sleepy Hollow and did unit Kapers and had lunch in our unit. After that we started building, we put on rafters and siding on the cabin. Next we took showers and had me time before playing games in the meadow and dinner.
6-24-09-Silver Fir-Camp Superhero
Hi there, Camp Superhero here!
Today was a super day; we started out with horseback riding and archery. We were very excited about both activities! At archery we fought villains by shooting at targets shaped like villains logos. After lunch we did a service project for camp by cleaning the trail from our unit to the campfire circle (Pine Haven). Another thing we were looking forward to was canoeing! We had a canoe race and played canoe tag. During the last part of the evening we moved our sleeping bags to the meadow. We slept in the dewy grass of the meadow. Orion told many marvelous stories; our favorites were the stories of Orion and Scorpios and Persephone. And that was our super day!

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