Happenings @ Session 2, 3 & 4

Session 2,3 & 4 –Happenings

Greetings Camp Menzies Parents!
Today was an eventful day at Camp Menzies, all the girls attending session 2 spent the morning packing and left in buses and vans in the afternoon. The session 4 campers arrived at lunchtime and spent the afternoon visiting the swimming hole, activity areas, patch ‘n’ go (our infirmary) and the dining hall to learn all about camp. The CIT’s helped the girls to pack before spending the afternoon working on leadership skills. This evening we heard from Yosemite Institute and beyond and Picture this, both groups are doing well and are looking forward to heading off to Mono Lake on Saturday. Mountains to the sea will be whale watching tomorrow. All trips will be getting back into camp on Monday afternoon or early evening. Here are some reports from the Ramona’s Reporters who left on the bus today:

6/25/09-Horsin’ Around
Dear Parents,
This week we learned to…. Horseback ride and to ride horses. We also learned how to saddle a horse. We get to go on a trail ride today. We got to do archery. We had an all camp campout and are making friends too. We got to see a lot of stars; it was cool to see the big dipper. We also made clay at Arts ‘n’ Crafts with Cobra. We had a great time with friends! We are going to nature for a pond study this afternoon.

6/26/09-Horsin’ Around
Dear Parents,
We’ve had a bunch of fun at Camp Menzies! My favorite part was riding horses. I rode a horse named Montana. I’m also excited about sleeping under the stars. We have this freezing swimming hole and everyone tried going in but most people got out right away. We also went to the canoe lake. It was very hot and took hard work. We have many awesome counselors and C.I.T.’s (Counselors in Training). They have cool and funny names. We also have really tasty meals for the girls and counselors. They make fun stuff to do at meals so we enjoy them. Many kids have cried but they like it here, we are having a lot of fun. Our cabins are very nice. They have eight beds in each cabin. We have free time which is called “me time”. At “me time” we make lanyards, read, talk, make cards and have fun. We have ridden the horses twice at camp. Some horses’ names are Bart, Nacho, Applejack, Topaz, Montana, Sugar and Cowboy, truly.

Last day of session 2,3 & 4 – Busy as bees

Hello Friends, Neighbors, Parents, Guardians, and everyone else! It was another hot day up here at Menzies, but it was a busy one too! Mad about Murals started their mural today and it is looking good! They also got to go horseback riding. They rounded out the evening with a dinner cookout, pasta and red sauce cooked over the campfire. Summer Stock was in action today. Half of the group attended “Smokey Joe’s Café” and the other half worked on acting techniques in camp. The show was entertaining and one of the favorite songs was “Lean on Me.” They rounded out their night with a night canoe in Lake Nettie Hunter. Eco Explorers had a fun filled day filled with learning, water, and crafts. These explorers headed out to nature to explore edible plants in camp. In the afternoon they got to find out about all the water Menzies has to offer. They went to swimming and got to shower! In the evening they slept out in the meadow. Take aim was right on target for a great day at Camp. Half of the group headed out to spend time with the horses and the other got to create at Arts n’ Crafts. Of course the evening was spent trying to achieve William Tell accuracy in Archery and in the evening they explored camp with a night hike. Horse Lovers was loving camp. In the morning they went to many of the camp activity areas, including archery, swimming, and horseback riding. In the afternoon the girls had a ground lesson with the horses and horse staff. The evening the spent start gazing in the meadow. We are looking forward to seeing Mountains to the Sea, Picture This, and Yosemite Institute tomorrow! Then we’ll get to see all of their pictures and hear all of their stories.

Love, Ramona Raccoon

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