In The Spotlight

First Day of Session 2:
June 23th
Hello everyone!

Today has been a busy day up here at Camp Menzies! The girls arrived excited and full of energy. The girls ate lunch with their units in the dining hall and then went to their units to settle in to their cabins or tents. During the afternoon everyone rotated through the different activity periods to talk with the specialists and decide what projects they want to work on while they are up here at camp. After dinner everyone went to Pine Haven, our campfire ring, for our opening campfire. There, each of the units was able to watch their counselors perform skits for them. Tomorrow is our first busy day filled with activities and fun! Many of our units are preparing and packing for the trips we will have in few days. Under Construction continued building the cabin and are very close to finishing! When not building they spent time doing archery and arts n’ crafts. Today was a lot of fun and the kids enjoy watching the skits during the campfire.
Love, Ramona Raccoon

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