In The Spotlight

July 7th
Today was another great day up here at camp. All campers made sure to have their water bottles full and they stayed hydrated all day long. This evening we had an All Camp Event, which was a big game of marshmallow paintball. Everyone had a blast playing paintball. Earlier today, the units participated in a variety of different activities. The campers did several different activities during the day with their units and had a blast! On the Loose left this morning for rock climbing and they should be back tonight. Horse Lovers went horseback riding and had a lot of fun. Smores and more went canoeing and swimming, while All That’s’ Art campers had so much fun playing games in the meadow and doing arts and crafts this evening. The CITs have been having a blast shadowing in the different units and hanging out with the younger girls. For dinner everyone cooked out in their units and had campfires. Tonight all units are going to sleep in the meadow. Well, tomorrow is another busy day and we look forward to having fun with the girls.

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