Session 6, Last Day

July 11th
Hello Everyone,

Today was a great day up here at Menzies . Night Owls and Camp’s Canoe arrived back from their trip this morning and they had some great stories to share with everyone. They also had a blast doing archery! All the groups had the option of participating in our Polar Bear Swim this morning in the Canoe Lake and some of the campers took that opportunity. They also earned a certificate about doing the Polar Bear Swim. Forest Friends went swimming this afternoon and had a great time planning their skit. For campfire, they decided to dance on Hannah Montana song for everyone. Sierra Safari slept in the meadow last night and woke up in time for many of the girls to do the Polar Bear swim. They also went swimming in the afternoon and to Nature. The girls in Firelight and Fairytales had a great time at Nature where they went bug catching in the meadow. The girls were also able to go canoeing and had a lot of fun looking for tadpoles. Tonight we look forward to an all-camp campfire where all the campers will perform skits with their units for the rest of camp. It should be a lot of fun! It has been a great session and we are sorry to see all the girls return home tomorrow.
Love, Ramona Raccoon

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