Special Event Spotlight

June 27th
Hello everyone. Today was our first full day at camp! And it was HOT up here in the mountains!! All the counselors made sure all campers had their water bottles with them and that they were drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and cool. Eco explorers went horseback riding and they loved it. They said their favorite part was learning how to stop and lead the horse. They enjoyed canoeing lots as well especially going backwards. Moreover, they went on a little hike and learned about outdoor safety. Horse Lovers spent some time grooming the horses and learned the very special horse knot. Moreover, the girls enjoyed archery. They cooled off by working on an arts n crafts project in the morning under the shady arts and crafts castle. Summer stock ladies played meadow games in the morning and worked on badge work activities as well. Half of the group went on to see the play “Smokey Joe’s café” in Columbia. The other half stayed at camp and enjoyed canoeing and cooling off at the swimming hole by playing games like charades and singing; tomorrow the girls will be switching off to go and see the play. Mad about mural showed their artistic abilities by working on the camp Menzies kiosk and they also went canoeing. Take aim girls enjoyed canoeing and nature in the afternoon as well as lots of time in the archery range working on their skill to hit the bull’s eye! Backcountry adventure ladies went horseback riding and worked on an arts and crafts project. They also took some time to plan their trip out of camp and learned some packing tips from their counselors. This evening, we had R.O.C time in which all campers go to choose an activity led by counselors in different areas of the camp. Some of the activities were: origami, ultimate Frisbee, friendship bracelets, oriental painting, creative writing and poetry and much more. Mountains to the Sea, Picture This, Yosemite Institute & Beyond are doing amazing on their trips and enjoying every bit of it. Mountains to the Sea got to see lots of dolphins during their whale watching this morning. Picture This and Yosemite Institute & Beyond joined each other for a two night camping near Mono Lake and they will be visiting Bodie State Historic Park tomorrow. Tomorrow is another full day and an all camp cookout is planned! See you tomorrow.

Love, Ramona Raccoon

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