Dear Julie,

There’s this guy at my school. He’s really cute and nice but he also is a flirt and gets in trouble quite often. I don’t know what to do. I like him a lot, but my friend asked him to go to the 8th grade dance as friends, but he turned her down. She also texted him awhile back and asked if he liked me. He never replied but seemed to be around me a lot when we had elective. What should I do?

–Crushin’ in Tracy

Dear Crushin’,

This guy probably gets into trouble quite often because most guys go through a stage where they need attention, positive or negative. Hopefully he will grow out of this stage, and as long as he treats you and others with respect I think it’s ok to continue liking him. When he turned down your friend’s invitation to the dance, maybe he was waiting for an invitation from you? As to your friend texting him, not many guys are willing to share their emotions about girls, even to their closest friends. I think you should ask this guy out on a group date. See if your friends and his want to go to the park for a game of tag or go for an after dinner ice cream run. Going on group dates will give you the chance to get to know him and see if he is interested without the awkwardness of a one on one date.

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