Awesome New Items!!

Hey Girls!

How’s the start of school been so far? Almost two months in and you’re already crying for summer? Don’t worry, I can hear your sighs, but I have a way to perk you up.

There is a bunch of cool stuff in the Girl Scout Shop perfect to accessorize and glam up your look. And the best part is, ALL clothing is currently 20% off regular price! So before you get too excited about going back to school check these out:

Mood Necklace! (Have your friends guess what mood you’re in based off the color!)

Endangered Species pins! (Support an endangered species!!)

Bookmark! (Keep track of where you are in the books you have to read for school)
Pencil! (Keep track of your assignments and show off your Girl Scout pride at the same time!!)

Act Now Shirt!! (Watch your friends turn their heads in funny directions to read your shirt ;D)

Sweatshirt! (When it starts to get cold, wear this spiffy sweatshirt to keep you warm!)

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