Girl Scout Cookie Song

The ideas for this song came about when my daughter, D’Auna, and I were discussing her sales pitch for the 2010 Girl Scout Cookie campaign. She is a bit shy but she loves to sing, so I thought she would be less apprehensive about singing her sales pitch. D’Auna and I brainstormed ideas for a while, and then a light bulb came on. As we stared at the pictures of the various Girl Scout Cookies we figured out a way to creatively fit the names of the cookies into a song and thus the Girl Scout Cookie Song/Poem was born!

D’Auna preformed the song for various family members and friends as her sales pitch. She sold 256 boxes during pre-sales this year! She is still selling cookies with this song and is becoming more comfortable preforming and speaking in front of a crowd. My little Daisy Scout is proud to have sold so many boxes of Girl Scout Cookies during her first cookie season. I am proud of the fact that she is developing confidence and public speaking skills that will have a lasting influence on her life, all thanks to Girl Scouts…and a cute little song!

Guest Blogger Sylvia

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