Going Green? So are They!

Have you heard? Green is the new black!

Need some help on how to be green? Check out Girls Gone Green, with lots of stories from celebs, and girls just like you, on how they’re helping to save the environment.
Here’s a summary of the book, but for more information click here!

See how celebs are going green, like:

Hayden Panettiere, being green means looking below the surface and helping to save the whales. Hayden is the spokesperson for The Whaleman Foundation Save the Whales Again! Campaign

Jessica Lowndes, star of 90210, thinks being green means not using plastic water bottles.

Ellen Page, star of Juno, thinks being eco-conscious means growing your own food!

And get advice from other girls:

Maya, age 14, transforms her old clothes to design earth friendly fashion
Maya’s Tip: Your recycled designs can make fabulous gifts for birthdays and holidays. Design gifts to fit your friend’s unique personalities. When you outgrow your recycled designs, pass them to a younger sibling and encourage her to add her own style to the piece.

Isabel, age 18, helps make her town green by recycling
Isabel’s Tip: Be creative with plastics! We all know certain plastics are bad for the environment. We recycle what we can, but there are other ways to reuse plastic. Braid plastic bag strips into friendship bracelets; crochet them into rugs and hats; iron them into sturdier bags.
If you’re already eco-friendly, you could win a “green getaway” for four at the Amelia Island Plantation on Amelia Islan, Florida! AND ten finalists will get skin care products from Teen Turning Green! For more information click here.

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