Leader Appreciation Day

Leader Appreciation Day is April 22, so make sure you do something nice for your leader!

Sing her (or him) a song, make a gift, or check out these great gift ideas in the Girl Scout Shop:
Tote bag to carry all their GS stuff

Wooden picture frame- put a picture of your troop in it before you give it to them.

A keep sake box- have each member of the troop put an object in the box symbolizing or describing a memory from your time as a troop, and put it in the boxd before giving it to your leader.

If you have any other ideas, leave a comment!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Jenny says:

    These are great ideas! We will be doing this for our troop leader!!
    Thank you for the helpful ideas!

  2. I'm happy to help- leaders do a lot for us, and they deserve some recognition.
    Let me know what your leader thinks!! 🙂

  3. Troop 1055 says:

    After I read this I was so excited! This is the first year that us girls did everything alone! We bought our leader a photobook and placed a ton of pictures in it! Then we got her a card and then her favorite cake! The look on her face was priceless! She loved it!

  4. Anonymous says:

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