Water Fun

Bored, but don’t know what to do? Try cooling off…

Grab a hose and a sprinkler head, or just jump in the pool and try some of these games with some friends!

Diving contest

Take turns diving to see who can dive the furthest, smoothest, or who has the best diving trick.

Watermelon Rugby

With your parent’s permission, grab a watermelon and grease it up with some Vaseline. Form teams and drop the watermelon in the pool, and and whichever team can get the watermelon to the opposing team’s side first, wins.

Freeze Tag

Grab a hose and pick one person be “it”. If you get splashed by the water, you’re frozen until another player tags you.

Jump rope

Take a hose and hold it parallel to the ground, and swing it around like a jump rope. Have your friends try to jump like it were an actual rope, and don’t get hit by the water!

Water Slide

If you have a slide in your yard, stick a hose at the top so the water is flowing down the slide, and now you have your very own water slide!

Send me any other ideas you may have- leave a comment or email me at hearandnow@girlscoutshcc.org.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Try the games Colors it is were someone stands on the ladder of the pool and the other players think of a color. The person on the ladder shuts his/hers eyes and try to guess your color when he/her calls your color you swim as fast as you can to get to the other side before the person on the ladder catches you.

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