The case has been cracked by GSHCC’s reporters.

GS Mystery Case #1912 was opened about a month ago and has finally been solved by three of our brightest reporters. The mystery of the random Girl Scout logo that was found on a brick wall located on 16th street near highway 50 now has a story.

Esme, a former Girl Scout, said that wall was her Girl Scout Gold Award project in November of 1995. She helped a Cadette troop design and plan a mural, and got permission from the mini storage to paint their mural and logo on their brick wall. The one stipulation was that it was only going to be there for one year and then painted over, but the company changed their mind and it has been there almost 15 years!

Have you been wondering about something in your community that is Girl Scout related? Is there a sign, or plague that you must know the story behind? If so, let us know at and we’ll crack the case!
Below is a photo of Esme and her two future Girl Scouts:

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