At Girl Scout camp, high school aged girls can sign up to be a counselor-in-training (CIT). As a CIT, you learn about both leadership and working with younger girls. What is it like to be a CIT?

A day in the life of a Girl Scout CIT:

5:30am: The sun rises. Birds and other critters begin their day.

7:00am: The bell rings to wake up the camp.

8:00am: Breakfast. A cool thing about Camp Menzies is that tables at meals are made up of girls from different programs, so you get to meet new people at every meal. Every person at the table has a different job, and CITs have their own special job. Being a CIT comes with extra responsibilities.

After breakfast, CITs usually do CIT work, which ranges from learning about professionalism to how to work with brownies. During this time, CITs make sure to take breaks to play games.

Noon: lunch. Lunch is run similarly to breakfast, but with different food. = )

1pm: Me time. This is time to read, reflect, or quietly play games with the other CITS.

2pm: At this time of day, CITs usually shadow. CITs are assigned different groups, and then spend time with those groups to both help out and learn about working with the girls. CITs get to play games, do arts and crafts, and do other activities with the girls.

4:30pm: After watching younger girls do traditional camp activities, it’s the CITs turn! You might find the CITs at the art castle, float in a canoe on the lake, or trying to pop balloons at archery.

6pm: Dinner!

7:30pm: All camp event. The event varies every evening. On the first and last night of each session, there is a campfire. During their time at camp, the CITs get to be in charge of one campfire. During the rest of the week, the event could be something like a CIT scavenger hunt, where the CITs hide and the rest of the camp tries to find them.

After the evening program is bedtime.

Overall, the CIT program consists of learning, making new friends, and lots and lots of fun!

If you want to sign up to be a CIT next summer click here for more information…

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