Tuesday, March 13: The Poppy Patrol Homeward Bound

Day 5 of the Poppy Patrol’s adventure in Savannah for Girl Scouts’ 100th anniversary weekend:

Full of memories and loaded with keepsakes, the Poppy Patrol began to disperse. Twice there were hugs and tears at the hotel threshold as travelers took their leaves. Noel and Jasmine drove away. Holly got into her taxi to the airport, and we convinced the driver to come back for the rest of us in two hours. The remaining Poppies got quiet and somber. We walked into town for lunch and pondered the significance of all that had taken place over the weekend. Our cab driver returned for us, and our journey home began.

Now that we are all home, we are not just savoring happy memories. One of the things that came up in our sharing of memories and reflections was a desire to be back in direct service to girls. All of us have much experience in troops and camps, but have not been directly involved with girls for a few years. Three of the Poppies plan to volunteer as troop leaders in their council’s years ahead, and the other Poppies will consider serving as song leaders and teachers.

Being at the 100th birthday celebration in Savannah has inspired us all!

Answer to Poppy Patrol Pop Trivia Question #3: Sixty-nine percent of female U.S. Senators and 67% of female members of the House of Representatives were Girl Scouts. (Go GS!)

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