Tales From Camp: The First Week!

Hi everyone!
This is Rapunzel from Camp Menzies. I am from the Netherlands and one of the international staff here at camp. This summer I’ll be taking a lot of photos at camp and keeping you all updated weekly on the blog. Our first session started on Monday and it has been so much fun! We have a lot of awesome groups: Night Owls, All About Animals, Kickin’ it at Menzies, Comic Artists, Engineers, Space Cadettes, Horse Lovers, Globetrotters, Take Aim, and Star Girls. And our travel group this session left to go to Yosemite on Tuesday.
We’ve also had many great activities happening at camp. On Monday we had a unit campfire and yesterday we had an all-camp campfire. All the counselors got to introduce themselves with funny skits and songs. Stitch and Sunflower were our MCs—they were really funny. At the end of campfire, Bones played her guitar and sang a song.

All the groups participate in activities related to their program. Comic Artists draw cartoons of heroes and villains. Globetrotters were interviewing our international staff for badgework. I also got interviewed. They asked me what I eat in the Netherlands, and that is one of my favorite questions! In the Netherlands, I eat for breakfast and lunch plain white bread with chocolate sprinkles. Whenever I tell people that in America they look at me funny, but it is honestly good. Our sprinkles aren’t really the same as American sprinkles though. 🙂

Kickin’ it at Menzies played soccer and got to do archery, and a lot of the campers hit the bull’s-eyes. 

The Star Girls had a tea party with the Space Cadettes! It was really fun. The Engineers made bridges out of lollipop sticks and cars out of basic materials. In the afternoon they tested the bridges to see which one was the strongest, and after putting all their materials on the bridges two still survived. They also raced the cars!
Last night was our All Camp Event.  This session the Camper Council decided on a nature-scavengerhunt-carnival@menzies #extravaganza. Awesome, right? It has been great so far and the fun is not over yet.

Until next time,


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