Tales From Camp: Creative and Adventurous

Hello, hello!
Thank you session 5 for a fun week at camp. Session 6 gets to stay with us a little longer and today we welcome session 7.
So many exciting things have been going on! We have Take Aim, Summer Stock, Eco-Fashionistas, World Travelers, Leaders in Action, Mystery Makers, Horse Lovers, Camp ‘n’ Canoe, Survivor, Mad About Murals and Geoventures.
 “This week in Eco-Fashionistas we had a great time thrift shopping. We all found awesome clothes that we are going to upcycle. I can’t wait for the fashion show! Also, the theme meal was ‘backwards’, and the all-camp event was marshmallow paintball. It was a great week!”
-Amber, age 11 (12th time at camp!)
The fashion show ended up being great. Good job upcycling the clothes, girls!
Camp ‘n’ Canoe left on their canoeing trip. Survivor will leave today; they have completed first aid training. Geoventures also got to do some adventurous trips—Natural Bridges and rock climbing at Bear Valley. 
Take Aim girls got to test their skills at Archery, but also spent time making bows and creating targets. Summer Stock saw a play and got to perform at campfire—it was so fun. World Travelers and Leaders in Action played international games and made passports.  Our Mystery Makers got to work on several mysteries which included using invisible ink, fingerprints and wood burning.
Session 7, welcome! Looking forward to a great session with you all.

Until next time,


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