Tales From Camp: Sunflowers, Camera Shots, Mythbusters, and More

Hi everyone!
Welcome to another great tale about camp. We had amazing groups this past week including Dazzling Dancers, Menzies Masterchefs, Trot ‘n Trek, Night Owls, Camera Shots, Get the Scoop!, Mythbusters, Myths, Magic and More, Girls vs Wild and Farm to Fork.
We had our All Camp event where the girls got to choose from different activities such as volleyball, making lemonade or friendship bracelets. There was also a writing club… love it.

These groups experienced many interesting activities. Mythbusters tried to fry an egg with a magnifying glass; do you think it worked? Menzies Masterchefs made their own recipe books and Night Owls did some stargazing. Camera Shots worked on their badge by making a collage and of course taking lots and lots of photos! Get the Scoop worked on their interviews, stories and advice column. Girls vs Wild learned all about first aid and prepared for their overnight trip. Farm to Fork visited a farm and brought back some sunflowers for our healthcare assistant Sunflower.

I could tell you all about the excitement at camp, but found that two of our Dazzling Dancers can do that much better than I can. Take a look at news reporters Lorra and Kaydence:

On Friday we welcomed Forest Friends, Sierra Safari, Camp Quest, Lead On!, which each cater to trying a little bit of everything and exploring all the fun things Camp Menzies has to offer. From nature study and canoeing to arts ‘n’ crafts, campfires and beyond. The campers had a wonderful time!
Today marks the end of our final official session here at Camp Menzies. We’ll have another amazing Two of Us group coming up this weekend, then for the rest of the camp season we’ll have troop camping and family camping–always a blast! 
Until next time,


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