Wild about Girl Scouts!

With the (much needed) rain rolling in and the sun setting earlier, summer is definitely behind us, but that doesn’t mean the outdoor fun needs to stop! We’ve been getting tons of feedback from girls and volunteers all telling us one thing: Girl Scouts want to get outdoors. And when girls set their minds to something, we know they can accomplish it. So, we at GSHCC in partnership with GSUSA, are finding new ways to help girls get outside, gain more skills and connect with the land. From council-run events to leaders’ resources and outdoor badges, there are several ways to start hiking down your own outdoor path.

Wild WeekendsGirl Scouts Campfire
Get a fun-sized camp experience with our new Wild Weekend programs happening throughout the year atCamp Fleming.  Whether your troop is made up of camping pros or they want to try their hand at camping for the first time, these programs have something for everyone. Choose from a variety of themed programs while getting to practice outdoor skills through games, crafts, cooking and more during these events.

Visit our website to explore all the Wild Weekends. Which one will you be packing your bags for?

Camp Menzies Path Photo
Venture Out
If you are a new leader or don’t have a lot of camping experience, we have a resource to help you with the task of getting girls outdoors! When you explore Venture Out, you can learn practical tips and tricks, read other volunteers’ stories, and explore the joys of taking girls outside with Venture Out! a fun, interactive “outdoor” adventure made possible by GSUSA’s Elliott Wildlife Values Project.

(After ‘venturing  out’ make sure to give GSUSA feedback on ways to continue to improve this pilot program by following link at bottom of the page or  clicking  here)

Vote for Outdoor Badges
In an effort to carry on the strong tradition of girl-led Girl Scouting, GSUSA is asking girls what they want to do in the outdoors. Beginning, October 31, girls of all grade levels are invited to vote amongst three outdoor categories—Recreation, Environment and Survival—where one will become the NEW theme for outdoor-focused badges.

The voting will occur in two phases:Canoeing on the Lake

  • Phase 1: Girls will vote for the overall theme for outdoor badges from October 31–November 30, 2014.
  • Phase 2: After a theme has been chosen, girls will get to vote on badge topics from December 1–December 31, 2014.
  • Badges will be announced on March 12, 2015.

Girls, make your voices heard! Click here to vote. And keep on voting—girls can vote as many times as they like!

Stay tuned for even more ways to get outdoors. Our horse program is great for girls who love horses and want to experience the fun of horseback riding. And of course we’re already getting ready for another awesome summer at Camp Menzies. Last summer, 1,177 Girl Scouts attended resident camp and we’re looking forward to another great summer outdoors in 2015.


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