It’s time to re-register!

HOORAY! Congratulations to the following service units for meeting your overall membership goal by the Super Star Service Unit deadline. We’re thrilled to have so many more girls continuing (and joining!) the Girl Scout Movement.Renewal Graphic

SU 101 – Colusa – 70 girls
SU 103 – Beale – 45 girls
SU 106 – Miwok Trails – 147 girls
SU 138 – Rancho Cordova – 281 girls
SU 142 – Placer Gold – 648 girls
SU 146 – Kit Carson – 573 girls
SU 151 – El Dorado Hills – 591 girls
SU 157 – 49’er – 360 girls
SU623 – Fox Grove – 259 girls
SU 675 – Three Rivers – 314 girls

Is your troop ready to re-register for the 2015–2016 Girl Scout year? Early re-registration packets were passed out at monthly leaders’ meetings in April. Completed packets should be submitted by the troop leader to the service unit registrar or to their volunteer management specialist. Troops that submit their registration packets by the June 12, 2015 deadline will receive fun incentives from GSHCC.

Incentives, you say?

Every registered girl receives:

  • A free fun patch!
  • A $4 discount to her choice of four council-sponsored program events.

Troops who register:

  • At least eight girls, receive a $10 council credit that can be used at the shop, for events, trainings, or camp. (Register at least 12 girls and receive a $22 council credit.)
  • Can earn additional money (if qualified through the TOP program) for their fall magazine and nut program and cookie program sales!

Be sure your troop is represented at your monthly leaders’ meetings to learn more.

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