Tales From Camp: First Session Fun

Hi there!

Welcome back to the blog! It’s been an amazing first session up at camp and we’ve had so much fun. Camp is currently home to Menzies Mountain Riders, Mad About Murals, Take Aim, Locavores, Engineers, Night Owls, Leaders in Action, World Travelers, Star Girls, S’mores and More, Roughin’ It, Atlantis Adventures, and as always our lovely counselors-in-training. We also have our Lassen Camp of Service and the Yosemite Camp of Service working away to make our parks a better place.GS Campers_6-18-15

The girls have been so great this session! Everyone has had a lot of energy and enthusiasm for all the programs. We had our Polar Bear Swim early this morning and had a pretty great turn-out. Lots of brave swimmers joined Shasta for a quick swim around the lake and then it was straight to the dining hall for some well-deserved hot cocoa!

Take Aim_6-18-15


Last night the girls competed in the Camp Menzies Olympics 2015 and participated in events such as a three-legged race, archery, canoe racing, tug-of-war, straw-house building, and a fabulous fashion show. The girls showed their program spirit and gave it their all and it was so much fun to watch. The fashion show was probably my favorite part with every group designing an outfit for their program.


Canoeing_6-18-15The campers have been busy becoming expert archers, riding horses, swimming, canoeing, earning badges, creating all kinds of things during arts ‘n’ crafts time, and of course, learning about the natural world around them. I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day for session one already! It’s really flown by and I’m definitely going to miss these awesome campers.



I have to head back to the meadow to play some games but I will check in again soon. Have an awesome day and happy trails!



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