Tales From Camp: Candyland Prom, Rock Climbing, and More

Hey everyone!

I hope your week is going fantastically! I’m having a great session here at camp. It’s pretty warm up here so I’m sure everyone down in the valley is getting his or her fill of sunshine right now. We’re just about done with session 2 and the time has flown by! We were excited to have the Menzies Movie Makers, Myths, Magic and More, Horse Lovers, Running Wild, Tahoe Trekkers, Special Agents, Savvy Sleuths, On the Loose, and all three years of our CITs sharing camp with us this week. A couple of our programs will be staying with us until Monday but most of the campers are heading home tomorrow.

We just had our Polar Bear Swim this morning and the girls were a bit hesitant at first but everyone who came braved the quick swim. It was also really cool to see the older girls volunteering to swim out with the younger ones toward the end. I think it’s a pretty good representation of the character and Girl Scout spirit I’ve noticed in all of our campers this session. It’s really made camp a wonderful place to be!IMG_4123

Last night we had an all-camp Candyland Prom and it was so fun. The kids climbed through the tangled web of the Licorice Maze, had their hair and nails done at Princess Frostine’s Salon, competed in fun activities like Marshmallow Races and even got their pictures taken at the Lollipop Woods Photo Booth. It was so much fun running around and dancing, and every camper had a chance to punch through the prize wall and get a couple stickers or some bubbles and bracelets. I can’t wait for the theme meal tonight: grab bag challenge meal! The all-camp events are always my favorite parts of the session.

On the Loose went rock-climbing yesterday and I heard that nobody took it for “granite.” Ha! They’ll be off zip lining tomorrow and rafting this weekend… awesome, right? Running Wild is heading off to Big Trees to visit some of our local giants and the Tahoe Trekkers left on Tuesday for the lake. It seems so quiet in camp with everyone gone. I’ve been watching the Movie Makers getting their props and set ready for the filming later today and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. Myths, Magic and More are also writing some of their own stories this afternoon so I’ll have to stop by and see how that’s going.

I hope you’re all having a lovely day and I’ll check in again next week. Happy trails!



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