Tales From Camp: Lead On, Leaders!

Hey there!

It has been a lightning-fast session here at camp, and I can’t believe it’s the last day already. We’ve had so many smiles brightening up camp these last four days including Forest Friends, Sierra Safari, Camp Quest, Horse Lovers, Back to Basics, and Lead On! All the campers were very energetic and excited for all the activities from our water party to the Frozen screening and pajama party.

I was very impressed with the leadership of our Lead On girls this week and their dedication to the Forest Friends. Girl Scout Cadettes planning and assisting with the Brownie programs is always so cool and I know they learned a few tricks from our marvelous CITs as well. The Horse Lovers have been spending quite a bit of their time up at the arena with our four-legged friends. In fact, they’re up there feeding them right now! Our Forest Friends had lots of fun making bows and butterflies and put on an adorable skit last night at our final campfire. The Sierra Safari girls had quite the adventure running around to all the camp activities and even tie-dying their camp shirts. Camp Quest had an awesome time at Mercer Caverns yesterday as well as hopping around to archery, swimming, canoeing, arts ‘n’ crafts, nature, and horseback riding. What fun!


Back to Basics got to try their hand at cooking out on a propane stove, hiking up to the famous “Rocks” above camp and sleeping out in the meadow beneath the endless stars we have up here at camp. They even got to build their own shelters… and I have to say they looked very cozy for a collection of sticks and pine needles.

We just had our Polar Bear Swim this morning and luckily I got some pretty good pictures of the brave campers from my nice, dry canoe. So many campers took the plunge and I was happy to give them their halfway high-five in the lake before they turned around to swim back to the dock.


I really had an awesome time during this short session and I hope all the girls enjoyed it as much as I did! I hope everyone has a fun-filled and safe Independence Day and I’ll check back in next week. Happy trails!



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