Tales From Camp: A Little Chilly, Lots of Fun

Good afternoon everyone!

It’s quite the chilly day here at camp and we’re all dawning our heaviest jackets and sweaters. Our campers are in great spirits though—I think we might learn a lesson from them about taking what the weather gives us and making a little magic with it. We are currently in our largest session so far with another round of Horse Lovers, Locavore, Night Owls, Girls vs. Wild, and Menzies Mountain Riders and also welcoming in Mystery Makers, Broadway Blast, Get the Scoop, Survivor and Paddlers. Tons of fun this week!

I’ve been following around Get the Scoop for part of the week and I think they’ve got a really cool magazine being cooked up at the moment. I’ve heard they have an advice column, interviews with the counselors, and a couple pieces on what makes Camp Menzies magical! They also went over to Big Trees yesterday and met with the park rangers to get a few insider details on the famous park. Make Believe made some pretty adorable fairy houses yesterday, and I also saw them working on their own fairies to inhabit the homes.

VLUU L210  / Samsung L210

Locavore went to a nursery yesterday and brought back some baby plants for the camp garden. I’ll bet they’re enjoying this spot of rain we’re having. Broadway Blast has been exploring every part of camp and having their fair share of cookouts throughout the week. I got a sneak peek at a few of their hand-made props and I’m super excited to see their performance. The Night Owls have been out on night hikes and serenading the nightlife as well as waking up on the late side for breakfast. I wish I had a bit more time to sleep in! 😉


The Horse Lovers have been spending a good chunk of their time up at the corral and the Menzies Mountain Riders have been helping out and jumping into leadership roles with their younger friends. Mystery Makers have been honing their detective skills and even got a lesson on DNA and print identification this morning. Survivor and Paddlers have been teaming up to plan the ultimate trip and we should be shipping out this afternoon if the weather allows us.

It’s once again been a fantastic session and, despite the rain, we’ve all had a chance to share a bit of the camp magic. Wish me luck on our survivor trip this afternoon and happy trails!



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  1. michelle becerra says:

    OMG..so excited to see my baby girl in the picture of the get the scoop girls. (Isabella becerra) Her first time away. Love that girl

  2. I love this post. Kids need to learn that a rainy day doesn’t mean a gloomy day! Glad to see you enjoyed camp.

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