H&N: Meet the Team

Welcome to the new Hear&Now! Previously a print magazine, we are now an online blog run by a small group of five teenage Girl Scouts—just like you. Our goal is to provide older Girl Scouts with interesting videos, articles, and news that encourage them to stay connected with their troops and community. To start the year off, we’d first like to introduce ourselves—meet the H&N team:

Girl Scout Senior

Hello! My name is Claire, I’m a sophomore and this is my first year being a part of the MarComm Program. I am looking forward to uploading blog posts onto this site and getting to interact with other Girl Scouts through social media. My interests aside from school are playing basketball, piano, and sudoku. After I graduate high school, I hope to go to Cal Berkeley and major in Biology, in order to become a dentist or orthodontist. I hope I can use my passion for photography and film to upload some interesting content for all our readers. Finally, I have been a Girl Scout for five years, and plan to be one for many more years to come.

Girl Scout Ambassador

Hi! My name is Michelle and this is my third and last year of being a part of the MarComm Program. I have been part of Girl Scouts for about thirteen years now and I started when I was a little Daisy. I have grown an interest and passion in cinematography and television production since I was young. After I graduate high school I hope to go to a film school and major in cinematography. Aside from school I am a varsity rower for River City Rowing Club, so I spend most of my days after school rowing at the Sacramento Port. I’m really stoked for this year’s Marcomm Program because Hear&Now is transitioning from the magazine to a blog; this allows us to communicate and upload videos and stories more often to the blog and social media.


Girl Scout AmbassadorNikita

Hello, my name is Nikita and this is my second year being a part of the MarComm Program. My favorite part of the Girl Scout experience is World Thinking Day. What better way to learn about a new country and your sisters than to do it as a group. I can still remember all of the countries I have learned about over the years and the creative thinking my troop and I would do trying to make it interactive for the girls. My hobbies include dance, golf, and painting.  In other words, I am a very arts ‘n’ crafts kind of girl. I have been dancing for as long as I can remember and hope to continue it through college. After I graduate high school, I hope  to major in biology or bioengineering. Finally, I have been a Girl Scout for the past eleven years. I am very excited to begin posting articles and to connect with the girls and parents of our closely knitted community. This will be a completely new experience as the entire magazine will be online.

Girl Scout AmbassadorPriyanka

My name is Priyanka; I’m a senior in high school, and this is my first year being a part of the Marcomm Program. I have been a Girl Scout for six years and I have completed my Bronze and Silver Award. I love to play all kinds of sports but more specifically basketball and golf. I have been a part of my school’s golf team for three years now and I love it! I have always been interested in the medical field and this will be my first time trying a whole new area of photography, blogging, editorials, etc! With all the volunteering I have done at hospitals, this will be a great opportunity for me to explore my hidden passion for web designing and development. Saving the environment and using green technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions are two of my favorite topics to discuss. Clear your schedule before you ask me a question about ways to reduce your carbon footprint. Trust me, it will take a while. 🙂 I hope to bring some insight and interesting information about the environment to everyone who reads our posts. I am thrilled to be a part of this program and be able to post articles to communicate with girls in our community.

Girl Scout AmbassadorCaitlyn

Hello! My name is Caitlyn and I’m entering my third year in the Girl Scouts MarComm Program. As an avid lover of writing, media, and girl power, I’ve found a home in this program. I love working with the other girls (including my sister Claire) and producing content for older Girl Scouts. Currently, I’m beginning my senior year in high school and my fourth year as a Girl Scout. Aside from working on this blog, I spend my time writing poetry, binge watching television shows, and delivering speeches through my school’s Speech and Debate Club. In the future, I hope to lend my voice to nonprofits and fight for the rights of those who are homeless or victims of human trafficking. I can’t wait to interact with all of our amazing readers and create a supportive community for strong teenage girls!

Want to see more? Check out this intro video by Michelle:


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