H&N: Summer on the Screen

It’s the summertime parent mantra: “Get off your phone and go outside!” For years, the outdoors and the onscreen world have been at odds—with Girl Scouts often caught in the middle. Scroll through updates on your favorite social media site or dive into the pool for a refreshing swim? Text troop members from the comfort of home or venture into the July heat for a troop camping trip? However, the Hear&Now team has made a choice in the battle between the outdoors and the online world: both.Sunset

Girl Scout’s long history is full of outdoor activities—and for good reason. In nature’s peaceful setting, friendships can be formed with ease, insecurities seem to melt away, and dreads like exercise become fun. Yet, completely unplugging may not be the best way to enjoy a day outside. With apps such as Instagram and AllTrails, nature isn’t just enjoyed, it’s shared. Instagram posts of sunsets and local destinations inspire others to get outside, while apps like AllTrails, a hiking app that houses maps, reviews, and information about thousands of trails, make outdoor adventures easier. As July comes to a close, it’s time to see electronics as a way to improve outside fun—in small doses of course.

So, here’s our challenge to you! As you head outside to hike, camp, swim, or even just walk, snap a photo and upload to Instagram using the hashtag #gsoutdoors. Make sure to check to see what other Girl Scouts are doing as well; who knows, maybe they’ll inspire your next adventure. And by the way, did you know there’s a Girl Scout partnership with the National Park Service? Check out this blog post that outlines five steps on how to earn a patch through the Girl Scout Ranger Program.


Hear&Now post by: Caitlyn, Girl Scout Ambassador
Photos by: Claire, Girl Scout Senior

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