H&N: Swapping Stories

Being a Girl Scout means taking part in many wonderful and age-old SWAPS1traditions—one of them being the trading of swaps. Girl Scouts of all ages have been trading the small mementos with one another for over 50 years. Some are shaped like birthday cake and made out of sponges, while others resemble thin orange slices with a troop number and message attached. All swaps are important pieces to the Girl Scout custom.

Swapping is a great way to meet Girl Scouts from different troops, and can lead to creating bonds and friendships outside of one’s own troop. Meeting Girl Scouts from different areas is especially important for older girls, in case they ever organize or are a part of an event with multiple troops and need to contact Girl Scouts from different regions.

In addition, swaps can become great ways to remember fond Girl Scout memories over the years. From going to your first Brownie Camp, to bridging to a Cadette—swaps seem to have a way of always representing the most important Girl Scout moments. To learn more about the basics and tips visit the Girl Scout Swaps page, or if you’re looking for great ideas go to the Girl Scout’s Swaps Pinterest board.

Have a fun swaps collection? Take picture and upload them to Instagram with the hashtag #gshcc. And check the hashtag once in a while to see if other girls share their favorite swaps as well. Whether it was swapped at a special Girl Scout event, like a 100th year anniversary celebration, or at a brownie camp years ago, every swap tells a story. What are your stories?

Here are a couple of my faves:










Hear&Now post and photos by: Claire, Girl Scout Senior

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