Tales From Camp: A Thank You Note

Hi there!

As I sit at home finally clean of the built-up camp dirt and sorting through over 9,000 photos, I feel very lucky to have shared such an amazing summer with such wonderful campers and staff. As the last buses departed last week our staff set to work deep-cleaning camp: We cleaned all the cabins, raked the trails and collected leftover trash, and spent the next two days “taking down camp.” While we still have almost a month of fun family camps and weekend programs, all of our regular sessions are done and a lot of our camp staff are putting away their lanyards and staff shirts until next season.

This summer was one for the record books, from incredibly dedicated staff to enthusiastic and optimistic campers. I loved seeing all the Girl Scouts explore the programs at Camp Menzies, as well as hearing about all the fun adventures on our travel programs. A big shout out to all the parents/guardians of our campers who were willing to part with their girls for a few days and get them to the bus stop early in the morning to send them off on a grand adventure. We really appreciate everyone who has made camp possible this season, and all the seasons before and after. I hope all of our campers had a great summer and will return next year for more camp magic!

From all of our staff, thank you for an amazing camp season. And for the last time this summer, happy trails!



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