H&N: 5 Back-to-School Tips

As a senior in high school, this is the final year for me before I begin a new chapter and I want to make the most of it. But beginning school can be a little intimidating for some—including me. Numerous questions flood through my head. Will I fit in? How am I going to make friends? Will the teachers like me? Here are a few tips I’ve learned over the years on how to go back to school with confidence:

baseballTip #1: Be yourself
Being yourself isn’t very hard to do—you should be an expert it! By acting yourself you are going to have a much higher chance of finding genuine friends that like you for who you are.  I spent almost a whole year of my middle school life trying to fit in with a “cool crowd” only to understand that I am uniquely cool. My last year of middle school was one of the most exciting times and I still stay in touch with the friends I made there.

Tip #2: Be preparedbacktoschool
I know teachers usually have a separate list of supplies that they will want you to have for the school year. The challenge is that every student will be trying to get those supplies on time. Try to get the essentials before school even begins so supplies don’t run out. Make a list of the supplies you used the previous year, figure out what is still remaining, and then purchase rest of the supplies. This can be a life saver at times.

Tip #3: Don’t be late
The first day of school can be a little chaotic, but it’s important you leave on time and not be late for school. First impressions are everything! Drowsiness can also be an issue as you haven’t had a rigid sleeping pattern, so be sure to get a full night’s rest to be ready for the next day.

Tip #4: Do your best and pay attention
All anyone can ask is for you to do your best. Not everyone can get the highest grade, but put effort into it and you’d be surprised. Remember that some very important announcements are usually made in the first two weeks of school. For example, sometimes the teacher will ask that you have your parents sign a syllabus or important paperwork. The smallest tasks are always the hardest to remember, so make to-do lists and don’t forget.

backtoschool2Tip #5: HAVE FUN!
This is probably the most important tip of all! School is a place for students to learn and grow as people. I know school work can be overwhelming, but be sure to have fun and hang out with new and old friends. You’ll remember these school memories forever—make them great ones!

Do you have any tips you’like to share?

Hear&Now post by: Nikita, Girl Scout Ambassador

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