Thank You

As the 2016 Girl Scout Cookie Program comes to a close, we at GSHCC would like offer sincere thanks to the moms and dads, cookie managers and troop leaders, retail store managers and shoppers—from beginning to end, this rewarding learning experience has been made possible by the good will, giving hearts and sheer determination of volunteers.

The 2016 Cookie Program was one of growth and learning for thousands of Girl Scouts. For the past three months, girls have led efforts to create brilliant marketing strategies, design compelling booths, speak to customers with confidence and courtesy and attain incredible goals. We can’t wait to hear about your troop’s goals and your plans for the future. Let’s hear it for everyone involved in this successful cookie season. Bravo!

Feeling gratitude isn’t born in us – it’s something we are taught, and in turn, we teach our children.

—Dr. Joyce Brothers
Best-selling Author, Psychologist, and Girl Scout Alumna

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