Dell and Girl Scouts Team Up to Empower Girl Leadership in STEAM—and It’s So Much Fun!

Last year, Girl Scouts teamed up with Dell to bring back, Be the Video Game Developer, a fun, interactive online gaming experience that puts girls in the driver’s seat of video game development—right where they belong! This year, we’re taking that already awesome program up a notch witbtn_debuggameh a phase-two experience called De-Bug a Game, and we’re pumped to see the impact it’s already having on girls.

The Game 
De-Bug a Game is geared toward girls ages 9–13 and older, with increased levels of difficulty by age. While the original phase of the program allowed girls to learn the different components involved in building a video game, phase two takes things to the next level by introducing girls to JavaScript—yes, yes, yes!

This meaningful addition enables girls to understand and learn the foundation of video game coding through new, fun, and increasingly interactive ways. Girls can now troubleshoot broken game scenarios and understand how to actually write code that will yield the results they want—that’s rock star problem solving at its best, folks!

The Impact
With the upgrade, girls can now gain even more confidence in their ability to excel in STEAM! Through guided discovery, girls will see for themselves how good they can become at diagnosing problems and finding solutions, firmly empowering them to grab STEAM by the reins and become leaders in related fields.

Calling the next generation of brilliant female programmers and game designers—success awaits you, and it all starts with De-Bug a Game!

Girls Are Lovin’ It!
Here’s what several Girl Scout Seniors and Ambassadors have to say about De-Bug a Game so far.

“The game was fun, bright, interesting, and engaging. It was a great introduction to coding.”

“It was interesting to learn a little about coding. I didn’t know anything about it until I played this game, which was definitely helpful.”

“It’s a very cool game—how awesome that girls have this resource to begin to learn about coding!”

Tell Her About It!
Go out and encourage every girl you know to check out the experience and see for herself. Because, similar to everything we do at Girl Scouts, the learning is packed with fun, discovery, and inspiration that is sure to lead to incredible things for every girl!

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