Tales From Camp

This session brought us some great new things! The groups that were with us were FYI: For Your Imagination, Camp Connection, Camp Quest, Compass Club, Dare to Do It, Little Buckaroos, and Pixie Dust. This new group of campers got to hang out with our longer session campers from Camp Like a Girl.

We saw some amazing things this session. FYI created their own raft and then got to test it in our very own canoe lake to see if it floated – we used Fridge as our raft tester. Camp Connection planned out their own session, Compass Club practiced their orienteering, Little Buckaroos got to spend some quality time with the camp horses and Pixie Dust made tutus. Camp Quest did a bit of everything at camp – a few of the girls also got Bullseyes in archery! Dare to Do It took a trip to Natural Bridges where they got to swim through a cave! The counselors for that trip, Stella and Padfoot, took on a dare that the campers came up with – they were pied in the face and then drenched in ice cold water on stage during campfire!

For our all-camp event, we had a 90’s theme Dance Party! We had a snack table that included candy apples, popcorn and punch. Campers and counselors alike were having the times of their lives!

My time at camp has been wild and unforgettable. I’m so excited for what’s to come! Keep checking back for more updates.


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