Tales From Camp

Our second and third session at Camp Menzies was a great success! We had so many excellent groups with us: Backwoods Pioneers, Extreme Cuisine, Fairy Lights, Horse Explorers, Myths, Magic, & More, Self-Rescuing Princesses, Camp Like a Girl, On the Loose, and our second travel program, Surf, Sand, & Sail!

On our first day, everyone got settled in and the staff preformed skits during the opening campfire. There were so many exciting things going on with all the different groups. Backwoods Pioneers were the first to sleep in the hammock circle up in Sugar Pine Glen. Extreme Cuisine got to make pasta from scratch with Nala – they made raviolis. Fairy Lights set up for their tea party by making tutu costumes and handing out hand-made invitations. Horse Explorers got to spend extra time with the horses and even got to feed them! Myths, Magic, & More made story stones and went on a night hike where they told legends. Self-Rescuing Princesses created their own tiaras. Camp Like a Girl had an overnight trip at Union Utica and a tour of Mercer Caverns. On the Loose went rock climbing, zip-lining and white-water rafting! Surf, Sand & Sail spent their time in Santa Cruz where they enjoyed surfing, sailing and a day on the Boardwalk!

These were some of the most exciting and adventurous groups of the summer. They even pushed the counselors to try new things!



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