GSHCC Website + Activities Tab = Girl Scout Opportunities

One of the best parts about being a Girl Scout is the chance to do amazing things. Build a cabin at camp, design (and use!) a makerspace, learn about horses and so much more! The key to all of these opportunities is the Activities calendar.

Accessed through the GSHCC website, you’ll see that clicking the Activities tab opens up a whole array of cool and exciting things to do…as a troop or as an individual Girl Scout. There are even events and opportunities for adult members listed here.

To aid in planning (our motto is “Be Prepared,” after all!), the Activities calendar shows things we have set up three months at a time. When one month ends, another month of good stuff is added. And we bring on new activities all the time!

The functionality of this site makes it simple to find fun, engaging things to do. You can review a list, or check out events in a calendar format. Best of all, you can register on the spot.

Check out these Tips & Tricks:

  1. New to Girl Scout activities? Begin by making sure you are registered in the Girl Scout Community, or MyGS. Each girl needs to have a grade level list in order to register for activities. A grade level is required to register for all activities, including camps. And resident camp registration begins February 1!
  2. Did you know that new activities are added on the first business day of every month? Set a reminder to see what’s new every month–and be among the first to register for activities that girls will love.
  3. Not only does our calendar show council-sponsored events, but you can also see what fun things are going on with partner organizations near you.

From STEAM opportunities to travel experiences, GSHCC is your source for a great Girl Scout experience. In addition to the Activities calendar, don’t forget to take a look at the field trip guide for more exciting things to do with your Girl Scout troop.

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