Let’s Hear it for the Girls!

Brownie Troop 972 Embraces the Giving Spirit

Making the world a better place is close to our hearts at Girl Scouts.

From the moment a girl joins the Girl Scout Movement, she learns how even the youngest members can make a real difference in their communities. It’s something we Girl Scouts carry with us all our lives.

Meet a brownie in Elk Grove, and hear how her troop worked to make the world a better place, one potato at a time.

My name is Noor.  I am a Brownie Girl Scout in Troop 972. I went to the Elk Grove Food Bank and heard that senior fresh produce program ran out of money until January.  


I told my mom that it made me feel sad that they couldn’t afford fresh fruits and veggies.  

So I decided on Thursday, when I was off from school, I would go to the farmer’s market and buy some fruits and vegetables from the money in my piggy bank.  

troop 972 farmers market

I told some of my Girl Scout friends and family of what I was doing and they wanted to donate fresh fruits and vegetables too.  

Troop 972 Elk Grove giving hearts
I was able to get 206 pounds of food! I bought apples, onions, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers,  potatoes, grapes and green beans. I also got Renee, the person who showed me around the Elk Grove Food Bank, some flowers and a thank you card for talking with me even on her day off.  

troop 972 elk grove food bank

She was really nice and I liked making her smile. I hope that the seniors enjoy the fresh fruit and vegetables.

troop 972 noor with momCongratulations to Troop 972 for making the world a better place in Elk Grove and thank you, Noor, for sharing your story.

Have a story about how your troop has made the world a better place? Share your story! girlscoutshcc.org/story




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